New Year Wellbeing Tips for Everyone!!!

1. Switch Off

Remember to take a break from the constant buzz of your smartphone, laptop, PlayStation, tablet.

2. Be Active Outside

Mother Nature is good for us mentally, and any kind of exercise is good for us physically.

So take it outside for a double whammy of wellbeing!

3. Love To Laugh

When we get the giggles, our bodies release natural, feel-good chemicals.

So get your funniest friend on the phone, find a laughter yoga class, or a local comedy club night, do what makes you LOL

4. Keep Learning

It’s always a good time to learn something new!

Train your brain with new challenges and keep it guessing.

5. Stay Hydrated

Water regulates body temperature and helps maintain your other functions.

Try to get 2 litres a day and more if exercising. 

6. Get Involved

Connect with your community and stay social.

You could join a club, volunteer or simply say yes when you might’ve said no!!!

7. Give Hugs

Cuddles encourage your body to release oxytocin, a neurotransmitter often dubbed the ‘love hormone’.

It plays a key role in bonding, and helps you and the lucky recipient feel cool, calm and collected.

8. Plan An Adventure

Having something to look forward to is a great way to boost happiness.

It could be a mini getaway or a full blown pilgrimage – if you’ve got time up your sleeve, then by all means plan it!

9. Don't Hold A Grudge

Try to forgive and forget – especially the petty stuff.

Holding a grudge holds you and your happiness back, so learn to let go of unnecessary anger and stress.

10. Eat A Rainbow

Fill your plate with colourful, nutrient-dense food and give your body what it needs.

11. Stress Less

Chronic stress is a no-no for wellbeing.

Make sure you address whatever is stressing you out and take some time to relax. Zone out in a bubble bath, grab a colouring book, light a candle, for calm ambience we love the Handmade Lavender Row Candle.

12. Stay Stimulated

Mentally stimulating activities help your brain build new cells and strengthen connections.

Working on something particularly challenging can kick things up a notch, so whip out the crossword or get stuck into some Ikea instructions!

13. Maintain Posture

With bad posture comes back pain, tension, circulation problems, headaches and a whole host of other things.

So do what your teacher told you and sit up straight!

14. Set Small Goals

It’s all about the little wins.

So be realistic with your goals, and take it step by step. 

15. Practise Positivity

There’s a lot of power in being positive.

Try holding back negative thoughts and observations, and look for the good instead.  Wherever your attention goes.  Your energy flows!!!

16. Smile More

When we smile, our bodies release all sorts of feel-good chemicals that benefit our health and happiness.

So even if you’ve had a woeful Wednesday, crack a smile just for the sake of it! Laughing does wonders for your body!!!

17. Feel Your Feelings

It’s okay to be sad, scared, proud, excited or otherwise.

Let yourself experience emotions instead of sweeping them under the rug.

18. Sleep Well

A good night’s rest helps you function at your best.

Most of us need around 8 hours of shut eye.

19. Take Notice

Make a mental note to stay curious.

Stop and really see what’s around you and take time to appreciate the little things.

20. Use Your Muscles

Muscle mass declines with age, and as they say – use it or lose it!

You don’t need to become a gym junkie – it could be as simple as walking with some light weights or some extra elbow grease in the garden!!!

Happy New Year!!! Here's wishing you a healthy, happy 2023!!! 

From Riversdale Essence. 



Credit: Brightwater