Riversdale Essence was born from my love of stories and memories. From a young age I loved playing in the countryside, and passion for scent, nature and hand-crafted products.
My creative passion was sparked further when I felt peace from a glowing candle during my recovery from an accident and so I began to design and develop my own scents and ideas into carefully crafted candles.

Fragrance can trigger all manner of emotions and for me growing up, I have been lucky to experience many beautiful natural country fragrances in my life. Be it the fresh scent of the sea from the Atlantic coast to the secluded forest in Fermanagh I decided to begin a journey of discovery on how I could create these scents using products both provided and made by nature alone. I was determined to develop products that would be ethical and sustainable to our environment.
All my products are developed with.
Natural Vegan Wax
Premium fragrance oils
Cruelty free and pet friendly 
Leah x