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Handmade Memory Lane Wax Melts

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Our handcrafted 100% natural and vegan friendly wax melts are a favorite with our customers.  Often preferred as you can simply snap off the desired amount to fit your wax burner. Each wax melt is not only beautifully presented but also highly scented providing a long lasting scent throughout your home. 

Our wax melts come in a variety of scents.  Take you back to that place! A peaceful stroll in the country gardens and lanes, stopping and taking in the aroma of fresh natural sweetness.  Light this candle, reminisce, happy again down memory lane. 

Notes Of: Sweet Pea, Lily, Gardenia.

Please note: as all melts are handmade, there may be a variation in color, eco-glitter or dried botanicals. 

Each package is beautifully presented and includes 85grams

30hrs+ burn time 

Natural · Vegan · Soy Wax · Cruelty Free