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Handmade Timeless Linen Candle

Handmade Timeless Linen Candle

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Our candles are made in Fermanagh in Northern Ireland handcrafted with 100% natural vegan friendly wax.

For appreciation and love of Craftship of the Irish textile industry which once was, sadly only a few remain which have adapted and work with luxury clients all over the world,  this candle will send fresh aroma around your home and evoke thoughts of snuggling down under freshly laundered linen.

Notes of: Citrus, Melon, Vanilla & Light Musk.

Each Candle has a size of 220grams.

Approximately 45 hours burn time. 

At Riversdale Essence we pride ourselves on hand crafting the finest Irish Vegan friendly candles, over the years our owner Leah has spent time creating each story and developing each scent. 

100% Natural Vegan Wax Candle - Cruelty Free